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SEO Marketing Company Branding:
Objectives And Delivery

We produced a full branding and website overhaul to this Southern California SEO Marketing firm. This company was looking for a branding that focused on healthcare, e-commerce, legal, and other verticals.

Our goal was to attract the attention of mission focused businesses that required a modern flare, with SEO optimization as the main direction of drive. Cool, concise , and to the point.

We presented the company with a fully working entire site user interface mockup produced in Adobe XD, then produced the coded site in WordPress using the Elementor page builder.

The results produced clients from verticals they had not yet worked with, such as the US based plastic surgery chain, Wave Plastic Surgery, which we also ended up designing and branding the new site for.

Window To Recovery Home Page Scree


Title Headline

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Body Copy. All body typography is Montserrat with varying weights, leading, and kerning.

Title Headline

Sub Header For Definition

Body Copy. All typography is Montserrat with varying weights, leading, and kerning.

Title Headline

Sub Header For Definition

How well is your website performing? Window To Recovery will run an audit to find out what’s going right and what can be improved upon. And the best part? It’s free.

Minimal Typography And Color
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Windows To Recovery Adobe XD Wireframe By Electric Marketeers
Wireframing Service.
Before coding the site, we offered Window To Recovery the option to receive their site designed in a wireframe. This provided the ability to pretest the User Experience with tests and revisions provided by field testing the wireframe. Once the experience was tightened, to make users customer journey as smooth as possible, we moved to the coding phase. Perfection is in ironing out all the issues users would have, pre-site launch.

Blog Design For An SEO Company

Window To Recovery Blog Post Design By Electric Marketeers
Pay Per Click Page For Window To Recovery Design By Electric Marketeers
Riverwalk Impressions Chart Webdesign By Electric Marketeers

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